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I love that I have friends that brighten up the Internet with things like this. Started on Facebook and spreading to other friends’ blogs.┬áTotally stealing from Rebecca. Posting my list here to keep track somewhere other than Facebook. Comment and add your own, or keep it going wherever your Internet place may be!

Quick. Twenty things you love. (Not family, friends, or Jesus. We know that.)

1. The ocean and all that goes with it. Sandy or rocky beaches… doesn’t matter.
2. Living close to the country, the sea, and two cool cities.
3. Blooming azaleas and the heavy scent of orange blossoms
4. Afternoon sunlight in my tiny yellow kitchen
5. Coffee that is strong, but not bitter, with just a touch of half and half
6. Cozy coffee shops with comfy chairs and free wifi
7. Mt. Dora, St. Augustine, Boston, and Providence
8. Colorful pens and a fresh new notebook
9. Autumn and spring
10. Fluffy friendly cats
11. Curtains that let the light in
12. That scratchy noise when you drop the needle on a vinyl record
13. The feeling of accomplishment when you make a good meal out of random things you already have
14. Wandering in used bookstores / record shops and finding something great
15. Uninterrupted time to get lost in a story
16. Inside jokes
17. Long drives with the windows down
18. When my husband gets a random spontaneous adventure idea and we go for it
19. Having friends in so many faraway places and still keeping in touch (yay technology!)
20. The glow of candles and white Christmas lights at night

I could keep going…