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Little graces I’m thankful for on this gray wintery morning:


1) A slow morning to work, write, down half a pot of coffee by myself, and listen to the quiet long enough to make this list. I just realized this is the first morning in a few days that I didn’t get up and go somewhere…

2) The super friendly gas station attendant I met yesterday after surviving gnarly construction traffic on my way to work and realizing the tank was getting, um… lower than I like. In my experience, that rude New Englander stereotype is wrong.

3) Sharing in some fun Christmas celebrations last weekend… lunch with co-workers on Friday, a gorgeous Lessons and Carols service at St. George’s School Friday night, and A Christmas Carol reading party with friends on Sunday night. Advent has been filled with good things.

4) St George’s is basically Hogwarts. I’m sure of it.


See? Hogwarts. (Photo by Chris Yokel)

5) My Christmas shopping was finished 10 days before Christmas. Even my Rabbit Room Christmas gift is on the way. This is absurd. (don’t ask about Christmas cards… :))

And now… back to social media-ing. Merry Week-Before-Christmas!


Wait! How dare I forget a very important final item that made me giddy for the better part of Monday afternoon?

6) I’m going to see U2. In the great city of Boston. On my birthday. First U2 show for Chris, second for me.

Super excited already? Heck yeah I am.