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I told myself I was going to sit down and write a blog post. Then I opened up Twitter.

Oh, Twitter.

Lately, I’ve rediscovered this constant stream of brief awesomeness, partly because my new social media job (I’m the human brain behind @TheQ901… hi!) and assisting as The Curator’s social media intern (assistant to the collective brain behind @curatormagazine) has forced me to step back into the stream. Not complaining at all. Somehow Facebook feels like it sucks me into a black hole of not really knowing what to say, but Twitter makes me want to play and laugh and write and banter.

To borrow my nephew’s wisdom: “Twitter is like the preschool playground, and Facebook is like high school.” Basically, yeah. Please pass the crayons.

Okay, so a few things…

New post at The Rabbit Room today!


Now that I can actually breathe again and write, I’ve been making a better effort to start contributing to the Room more frequently. Today we present The S Towns, some thoughts on how sometimes you need to get lost to find your way, and a brief bonus lesson in the geography of Southeastern Mass. An excerpt…

There’s a secret to making a place home though. Getting lost isn’t the enemy. It comes with panic and helplessness sometimes, but the only way to learn your way is to get lost a few times. You drive around a bit, pull off the road, check the map on your phone, scan for some familiar road name or number, drive some more, and over time, the pieces start to intersect. All that wasted time starts to draw up a map of real landmarks and surprises and moments of recognition.

Read the rest here! And please, pull up a chair, order an ale, and stay for a while. They’re good people.

New book with Greener Trees Reads!


Also something that hasn’t been done in far too long… my friend Julie has re-instated Greener Trees Reads with a new book, and oh man, what a good one it is. We’re all gearing up for Hutchmoot 2014 by reading Breath for the Bones by Luci Shaw together, and it’s so so good. If you’ve ever felt an inclination toward the arts, or maybe even wondered why all this business about art even matters, I can’t recommend it enough. (And I’m only two chapters in!)

We just started reading this week, so my plan (goal? hope? naive ideal?) is to sort of blog my way through it. I’ve had some ideas about chapters 1 and 2 brewing in my head that I’d love to share here in the next couple days. We swap ideas and insights in our Facebook group throughout the reading each week. If you’d like to join our Facebook reading group, drop a comment on this post.


Life is good. Great even. There were little hints of fall in the air, just a twinge of color showing on the trees, and then summer returned with a vengeance. Chris has officially started back to fall classes (actually, at his first class as I write this), so Magical Newlywed Summer Vacation is officially over.

It’s been a little weird to watch all my social media blow up with the #CMBMomentum2014 posts and pictures and not be there (the annual Christian Music Broadcasters conference… my first year not attending since it has been in existence). Seeing pictures of so many friends and familiar places is kind of surreal.

But hey! I’m taking a little trip down to Florida soon to visit family and friends.
Florida. Visiting. So weird.

And! Hutchmoot come October. Funny that the place where Chris and I met two years ago will be the place we return as co-writers and contributors to the ongoing magic of the Moot. Things are about to get busy around here…

Thus ends the rambly, quick catchup on life. This counts as writing yes? Yes, of course it does. :)