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Well, so much for my good blogging intentions. I just realized tomorrow will be a month since my last one. Dangit. Happy New Year?

This is not a poetic, thinky post… this is my life over the past month or so. And life is weird.

Like for starters, I’ve been working a little bit on another writing project that’s SUPER EXCITING. But… I can’t tell you about it just yet. I can tell you that I’m still giddy and when I think about it I want to squee a little.

I was home sick from work yesterday, so there’s that. Why is it whenever I travel on a plane, despite my best efforts of hand sanitizer and Airborne, I manage to get some temporary bug once I come home? Could it be the shock of going from New England winter to Florida quasi-winter?

Because, oh, there was winter. Look at this. I’ve never seen so much snow in my life. (This is the part where my northern friends and family roll their collective eyes at me.)


And then there is the weird life part, and a sad little story.

Once upon a time, I happily blogged about shopping for and buying my first car. My beloved, beautiful, is-it-silver-or-blue-I’m-not-sure Honda Civic hybrid, affectionately named Storm in recent years.

Well friends, I am car shopping again. Yes, tragic.

I knew the transmission was fading by the awful gear shifting noises she made. I didn’t expect her to die while my mom was driving her home and my dad was taking me to the airport. Or to get her towed to a mechanic. Or the horrific letdown of realizing it would cost three times the worth of the car to fix it.

Life is full of disappointments.

So here I am… after sitting home sick in pajamas yesterday hunting around on AutoTrader.com for something that won’t foist a massive car payment on the newlywed, currently debt-free, grown up budget in four months. And wouldn’t you know, this is a lot more fun now.

Back then I knew what I wanted right down to the color. Today it’s more like “I want it to be cheap and not die as soon as I drive off the lot kthxbye.”

Later today, the hunt begins. I got printouts of a couple promising finds and am armed with knowledge gleaned from “How to Negotiate with Used Car Dealer” articles.

Life better not be full of disappointments tomorrow.

Edit: huh, I scheduled this and it didn’t post. Probably because I put the wrong date on it. welp. I didn’t go car shopping. It was too rainy and cold. This is a boring blog post.