Summer in the Sunshine State doesn’t mean what we think it means. There’s sun, true. But lately the afternoons have been a little more humid, gray, and rainy. Currently, I’m sitting in a comfy chair at Starbucks, sipping on a now lukewarm vanilla blonde roast, and watching the sun tentatively peek its way out of the clouds and dry off the parking lot I had to wade through just an hour or two ago.

The weather is fickle and I like it that way. Spells of rain are sort of like spells of creating.
Earlier this morning, as I was skimming over my blog, I noticed I’ve only posted five times in five months and that’s almost distressing. Most of that writing was about not-writing, percolating. I guess this is just the season I’m in, kind of like the fickle summer rain season.
And like those tentative rays of sunlight, I’ve spent the past few mornings punching holes in the clouds with some morning pages. You know. The Julia Cameron 3-pages-every-morning trick. Artists of many disciplines seem to swear by them, and I can see why. Just that little exercise feels like words shakily standing up, wobbling around, and stumbling back into place. But still, there’s that looming sense of guilt, that I’ve lost touch and stopped writing and nobody really remembers or cares about this space of the Internet, and I’ve got nothing left to say.
Well, that’s not true. I’m thinking back to something one of my favorite writers said to me last year about making a new record:

“If it’s true that inside of me lives the Holy Spirit of the Living God, and God is the source of all beautiful, true, and life-giving things in the world, and if I am called to make things in his name and for his glory, then that is an infinite well of inspiration… we don’t ever have to be afraid of running out of different ways to say something beautiful.” (plug. I’m still geeked I got to do this interview.)

So today I finally decided, even though Divinest Sense has been on hiatus pretty much all year, I need to just make it official. Hey anyone still possibly reading this, I’m taking a break from blogging. Or maybe, as the title says, it’s just “closed for renovation.” It’s not that the well has run dry… I just need the space to dig around, write offline, and figure out what I’m supposed to say now.

I think in making it official, I don’t feel so guilty about not writing anything here. And hopefully, I’ll come back to the blog with a new perspective and enthusiasm.

A few things before I go…

  • This doesn’t mean I’m done writing publicly. On the contrary, I’d love to get back into writing for other places! If you need a guest post for your blog or know some place I should consider submitting, let’s talk. jenwritesstuff at gmail dot com
  • During the downtime, I do have a project brewing that I’m excited about… a few weeks ago, I compiled a draft of thirty something poems. Hopefully, when I reopen this blog I’ll have something more to say about that. :)
  • Here’s an excellent article on The Creative Doldrums that explains this weird dry spell nicely. And I’m not just biased because my boyfriend wrote it. Well, maybe a tiny bit biased, but… read it, okay?
  • On a personal note… this is the last month of my 20s! Shoot, that’s probably some good blog material right there….