Artwork by Tina Cornett

Father, grant us hope.
The veil of darkness
Thick around us
Is within us, and without us.
Our secret sins and sicknesses
So mingled in our blood.
May the smallest flicker of
Your holiness come spark and light
To keep us warm and
One day burn our
Hollow kingdoms all away.


Advent is a special time of year to me, a remedy for missing the real beauty of Christmas in the middle of chaos. Longing, expectation, the promise of hope and joy are all wrapped up in the celebration, and with every new year I’ve come to appreciate this waiting even more.

Every Sunday from now until Christmas, I’ll be posting a verse from an Advent poem that was a good lesson in waiting itself. I wrote the first draft for the verse above two years ago, and multiple false starts and lots of drafts later, it’s finally come to life. I’m grateful to finally share it with you and hope in some small way it will help us remember and ready our hearts together.

(Many, many thanks to my dear friends Tina Cornett for providing the lovely artwork and Chris Yokel for helping me pull this poem out of the land of writer’s block and bring it to life. They’re awesome people.