October is pretty much my favorite month. I know, I know… Florida doesn’t get real autumn and all that. But we do. It’s just different. 

Last year, I read a stunning essay by my friend Rebecca Reynolds that helped me understand a little more why I love this season so much. And then I wrote a poem about it, because poets steal. Finally finished revising it a couple weeks ago. I don’t post poetry here very often (that’s what Tumblr’s for!) but I’m a little proud of this one. Also, you should go read Becca’s blog The Little Boots Liturgies, because she is awesome.

The light looks different this time of year.
Shafts of gold pierce trees,
Transient, darkening.
The earth goes to bed
A little earlier each night

Because she knows she’s getting older,
Fighting gravity, remembering
Carefree green and dancing in the
Rain, remembering emotional
Thunder and flashing lightning.

But now
She’s only wiser,
And knows sleep makes all things
Rested, beautiful.

And tomorrow she’ll wake early,
Dress in fire red and bands of gold
Because she can
With no one left to impress
And never more alive.