Is it possible to forget how to write? Because I haven’t done anything here in almost a month, and it feels weird. I had a couple posts in the queue — decent ones actually — but now they’re a little bit dated. Ho hum.

So as August/September is prone to be, things have been crazy. Really crazy. In the week between conferences, between living out of suitcases and nurturing my two vocation-passions (radio/music and writing/creativity) I thought I’d pop back in to say hello and share a few things I’ve written for other places. If you haven’t seen them before, please enjoy them and pretend I posted something new. :)

JFH has been keeping me rather busy… a couple of music reviews and an interview, with more on the way! Autumn is a full season for good music releases, so I direct you to these for now…

  • Andrew Peterson – Light for the Lost Boy: My second ever 5 star review… first that earned the score after months of deliberation. This record is a gem, and I can’t recommend it enough. I left out the part about how the second half made me weep in my car. (the best part, I’ve been told)
  • An interview with Mr. Peterson, in which we talk about the new record, songwriting, Hutchmoot, and Bon Iver. Or perhaps more accurately, 40 minutes of mutual nerdiness with one of my writerly heroes. Such a privilege.
  • Derek Webb – Ctrl: The trippy and wonderful new record I already plugged here. I spent way too long puzzling out the significance of Sacred Harp samples and the ties with his side project Sola-Mi – Nexus. That was either research or procrastination. You decide.
Already have a few more reviews in the works, so even if the blog is scarce… at least I’m writing things like that. 
Art by Lauren Dubinsky for
The Good Women Project

Also, I’m pleased and a little freaked out to mention that a month or so ago I had my first piece published at The Good Women Project. I didn’t plug it here because it’s one of those personal stories I’m stupidly neurotic about sharing, but after too many people got wind of it and asked me to email the link… well…. here you go. Yes, I wrote about singleness. No, it’s not whiny. (I hope.) 

A quote: “The proverbial ‘One’ is someone who will help me be holier and more human than I am on my own. Not a white knight to rescue me, but a broken, lonely wanderer to come alongside and teach my pride to die.” Okay, I’m a little bit proud of that line. Mostly, I’m grateful for the good conversations this story sparked with friends and strangers alike.

So there you go. I wrote. I miss writing. These times of losing touch come and leave me a little lost, but in time it comes back around. To new folks who have dropped by from Good Women and other places around the Internet, welcome. I hope you find something meaningful here.

To my dear friends and readers that stick around through the dry spells, you rock. Thank you.