“A work of creation is a work of love, and that love is the most ruthless of all the passions, sparing neither itself, nor its object, nor the obstacles that stand in its way.” ~ Dorothy Sayers, The Mind of the Maker

A month or so ago, I joined a group of friends and Julie’s blog Greener Trees to work our way through Dorothy Sayers’ The Mind of the Maker. This was my second time reading the book (in a year! I never do that), and I definitely got so much more out of it this time. I’m grateful for wise friends who delight in wonder, beauty, and creativity and are willing to tackle this dense, rich work together.

Anyway, Julie invited some of us to share thoughts from a week’s reading, and this week it’s my turn! If you feel so inclined to read it, my post “An Unfinished Work” is now up at Greener Trees.

While you’re at it, check out some more wonderful thoughts from the first four weeks of our study. Like I said, I have smart friends. And they have good things to say.

To lift a line from Sayers, “The universe is not a finished work.” It’s a story still in the making, with a loving Author determined to see it through to the end.

PS: If you found your way here by way of the guest post or some link or tweet… welcome! :)