So I’m writing things, but not here. In the interest of putting something on the blog, here’s a little link dump of things I’ve been up to, for anyone that might be interested.

  • The new Andrew Peterson album Light for the Lost Boy releases in a little over a month, and I’m reviewing it for JFH. This geeks me out terribly. Also this record is currently blowing my mind and breaking my heart. It’s that good. I can’t wait for you to hear it. In the meantime, here’s a teaser preview I wrote. And for a little peek behind the scenes of one of my favorite tracks (the one that made me yell out loud the first time I heard it), here’s an older Rabbit Room post about the making of the record.
  • In other music news, check out Under the Radar’s list of the Best Albums of the First Half of 2012 and Must-Download Songs of 2012A. Better yet, you can hear some of the best tracks on Episode #193 of the UTR podcast. I got to contribute as a member of the Critic’s Panel. This also geeks me out terribly.
  • Usually, when I fall out of one kind of writing, it’s because I’m retreating into another. So while things have been slow at Divinest Sense, I’ve had a few updates to my sorta secret poetry Tumblr. If that’s your thing and you haven’t been there in a while, please go have a peek at the new stuff.
  • And instead of putting this link dump together, I was supposed to be writing a guest post for my friend Julie’s blog Greener Trees. A small group of us have been discussing Dorothy Sayers’ book The Mind of the Maker this summer, and it’s my turn to write about it. Eep! Whether you’ve read the book or not, I encourage you to go check out some of the recent postings and insights there. I’m grateful to have such wise friends that think theology and creativity make for good summer reading. :)
So there’s an update. What’s going on with you?