The Internet is a mean, scary place. Let’s face it. And, unfortunately, the Christian blogging community can be especially mean and scary. It doesn’t make sense, it shouldn’t be, but it is. Theology wars, dividing lines, anger, and criticism can rear their monstrous heads in even the most uneventful comment threads. Readers pick their sides and quibble over just about anything. And jumping into the fray in the name of staying current is all too often tempting. (After all, controversy drives up traffic and comments, right?)

So I love it when I see a story like Micha Boyett‘s post, “Ann Voskamp, Tim Challies, Beth Moore: Dinner and a Defense of Earnestness.” I see the beauty in this story and remember that humility and grace are far more inspiring than any controversy or book rebuttal, and she makes some interesting points about our culture of sarcasm and allergy to sincerity as well.

I shared this on Facebook already, but I loved it so much I wanted to re-link here. Definitely a good read.

“The world does not need angry theology: it needs a true, good story. It needs the good news that God’s compassion is deep enough to rescue, to remake, to restore our broken lives. Story is one of the greatest evangelical tools the Church has been given, especially in our irony-laced culture. People long for earnestness in a world that scoffs at everything.” (emphasis added)

Yes and amen.