In the last couple weeks, I’ve been really enjoying John Clore’s new book The Music Industry Doesn’t Have to Kill You, a collection of interviews with people who have made a life in the music world without selling their souls. I’ll have more to say about it once I finish reading, but for now, I thought this quote was worth highlighting and sharing.

“I do believe owning a turntable is a good thing, both because it requires a more intense attention and because there’s a lot of great music available on vinyl that isn’t on CD or iTunes. Mostly, though, I think it might be nice if people would listen to music — on vinyl or CD, through computer speakers or earbuds or in live venues — without doing something else at the same time. Cut off the deal on your computer where it pops up and tells you that you have a new email. Turn off the cell phone that buzzes when someone calls or texts or emails. Listen to music like it was a friend of yours and you were having lunch together and it was telling you something important. You wouldn’t check a text message in the middle of something like that. And it’s my belief that it often IS telling you something important.” — Peter Cooper (musician/music writer for The Tennesean)