For the past few years, I’ve at least made a mention of National Poetry Month here, because I am a nerd that thinks these things are important. Whether you love and breathe poetry or can’t get past the scary high school memories, I hope you’ll take the time to explore and celebrate the beauty of words.

I don’t see any point in writing a post about Poetry month after reading the wonderful piece on The Rabbit Room today.

“April is National Poetry Month. Create something. It’s worth the work, even if it’s not Yeats, even if it’s never read by another, even if you lose it.”

Tomorrow comes a guest post from my friend Emily about a couple of poems that meant something to her. When I first scheduled it, I didn’t even realize how perfect the timing was! Hoping to find some other poemy sort of things to post throughout the month as well.

PS: That photo is from a lovely book of T.S. Eliot poems I found for cheap at the UCF Book Fair this weekend. Been meaning to read more of his work, and this already had a bunch of handwritten notes in it, so I was totally sold. There’s something about used books with writing in them that I love… it’s fun to get a glimpse into another person’s thoughts as they read it before me.

Yeah. I am a nerd.