As I’ve mentioned now and then, I get Poem-A-Day e-mails from the Academy of American Poets. (sign up for them too at Every now and then, one captures my attention on the first read and begs to be read a few more times and shared. So… this seems like a pretty good place to share.

I don’t know who this poet is or why her words hit me, but something in the writing rings true. I hope it does the same for you.

Song After Sadness
by Katie Ford

Despair is still servant
to the violet and wild ongoings
of bone. You, remember, are
that which must be made
servant only to salt, only
to the watery acre that is the body
of the beloved, only to the child
leaning forward into
the exhibit of birches
the forest has made of bronze light
and snow. Even as the day kneels
forward, the oceans and strung garnets, too,
kneel, they are all kneeling,
the city, the goat, the lime tree
and mother, the fearful doctor,
kneeling. Don’t say it’s the beautiful
I praise. I praise the human,
gutted and rising.