Divinest Sense is going to be five years old in March. Can you believe it? Over 300 posts later I’m still at it, still learning what to do with this corner of the web. I’m so thankful for all of you who read this, leave comments, and take an interest… and now I want to hear from you!

One of my favorite abandoned ideas for this blog is Deeper, a series of posts celebrating art that moves us. Mostly, it was a chance to give myself permission to turn off the objective critic, embrace my inner fangirl, and geek out over books, films, and music that I love most. But honestly, who wants to only read about my favorite things? Not me!

So the floor is open… if you would like to write a guest post, I want to read it!

The details:
– A post of reasonable length on art that moves you.
– The subject can be as simple as a book or a song or as broad as an author’s or musician’s entire career.
– This is not an objective review, but a piece about something that has inspired or changed you. This is the book you discovered 10 years ago that’s marked up and falling apart, the music you can’t stop listening to, or the art that tells your story. I want to hear the totally biased fan-gushing you’ve always wanted to share.
– Quotes, videos, etc. are awesome and encouraged.
– Please include a 2-3 line bio (who you are and a link to any blog or website you have) and a photo. (of you or an image you want to represent you.) Or give me permission to troll your blog and write one for you. :)

Here is the Introduction explaining the idea behind this, and for examples, check out the series so far. Then e-mail me to work out the rest! — jenwritesstuff (at) gmail (dot) com

Deeper returns in March… I can’t wait to hear your stories and share the discoveries!

Photo Credit: “Music is My Religion” by [nati]