“No hiding place
Ever kept her safe
So she hides inside herself.
Now to reach her heart
The only way
Is to hide in there as well
I will hide
in there
as well….”


It’s a mystery, this Incarnation thing. It’s no small wonder that into our chaos, peace could only come like this, quietly. In our human way, we would have expected a Messiah to be the kind that split the sky open, bellowing “Enough!” and slaying the evil, righting all that was broken. Wouldn’t that be appropriate to a Pillar of Fire God, a God of Justice and Holiness?

But would we accept? Would we love? Or would we “die from the fear”?

Maybe the messy beauty of the Incarnation is in its simplicity and audacity. Star Igniter, World Shaper, one who could fling planets like pebbles into the universe then tenderly breathe life into a fistful of dirt, descending and entering among us, knit together in the womb of a frightened yet faithful girl, only to be born in the dirt and stench of a barn.

“How could she not love the helpless babe who is waking in her womb?” 
How could we run from a Redeemer who loved enough to bend so low to meet us?


This song captures the spirit of Advent to me more than just about anything. And it messes me up every time I hear it. In a good way.