One of the many little discoveries I brought home from Hutchmoot was the music of Eric Peters, a songwriter who, surprisingly, I had never really listened to, despite all the good things I’d been hearing. At the Square Peg show, he performed “Reality Came Crashing Down,” and I understood the love. After hearing him speak at a songwriting session the next day, I decided I really should look into this Eric Peters person, and later that day, I picked up his 2009 album Chrome.

Chrome is beautiful in its simplicity. It’s my favorite kind of album… musically pleasant, maybe unremarkable at first, then one day you realize the words have slipped right into your heart and refuse to let go. It opens with a tale of an abandoned bike and leads the listener on journeys through the depth of despair and the dark roads of Louisiana in a way that is remarkably honest and achingly hopeful. It was little surprise to me that this indie artist with 8 albums to his credit funded Chrome entirely through the financial support of his fans (pre-Kickstarter, guys).

All that to say, he’s about to do it again, this time with the help of Kickstarter, and could really use the support to push his new record Birds of Relocation across the finish line. As of this posting, there are 5 days to raise a little over $3,000. If you’re into supporting the independent arts, this is a project worth your attention. Eric and his fans would thank you!

For a sampling of his early record Scarce, visit his Noisetrade page. Then consider donating here! (Any amount helps)

Here’s a video of “Don’t Hold Your Breath,” which I believe is going to be on the new record.

Don’t Hold Your Breath – Eric Peters from Patrick Gines on Vimeo.