'Construction For-ev-or' photo (c) 2007, Kyle May - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/First, can I just say these orange lovelies are an annoying, all too common occurrence on my commute, and I don’t know why I’m using this picture because everything about them just makes me angry? Thanks. End rant.

Wow, sidebar. Um, hi there. This is a note to let you know that things might start looking strange around here soon. Becauuuuuuuse….. I finally decided to be all professional and buy a domain name! That’s right. My new writerly home on the Interwebs is the oh-so-original JenWritesStuff.com.

The old address still works and will stay active, but this is a much friendlier address that makes me look like a legit writer. Sort of.

All that to say, a re-design and perhaps renaming is forthcoming. (sniff.) I figure if I announce it to the rest of then Internet then 1) Nobody will be surprised if colors start changing and layouts start shifting and 2) I will have to actually, y’know, start working on it.

We now return to our irregularly scheduled blog. New post (a long overdue book review) in twelve hours. Thanks so much for reading and being awesome in general. =)