September, you are one of my favorite months, for many reasons. September means fall is right around the corner (theoretically). September means pumpkin spice lattes, cinnamon candles, boots and scarves (again, theoretically), cheap school supplies, golden light washing over the leaves, early drive home sunsets, listening to cozy and/or lonely folk music, the pre-Christmas rush of good music coming out (a list of those to come, I’m sure)…

And… life gets crazy. Yup. From here on out, the year is nuts.

If I may show you my itinerary for the month:

  • This past Sunday kicked it all off with an outing to Oviedo to see one of my favorite songwriters with some wonderful concert friends (like this one). Andrew Peterson’s storytelling and songs are always a wonderful live experience, and this was the first time I saw him with Andy Gullahorn alongside. Oh, and being able to tell Ben Shive I already heard and loved his new record because I kickstarted it gave some serious warm fuzzies. I love these guys. And consider this pre-Moot festivities.

    (Aside and pluggage: If you like strange, beautiful, quirky soundscapes with poetic, magical songwriting that sounds like The Beatles, Beach Boys, and Rich Mullins put together (as AP said), get thee to The Rabbit Room and buy The Cymbal Crashing Clouds. Play loudly. repeat. thank me later.)

    Right… back to September…

  • Sept 3: a “Concerts with Kaitlyn” reprise as we travel to FBC Orlando for a little mini-set by Downhere. I’ve never seen them live (beyond a song or two at a label showcase for work), so… well, I still won’t be seeing a full show, but I’ll take this. I’m liking their music more after reviewing their new one. (Which you may read here. ack, more pluggage!)
  • Also Sept 3: long overdue car maintenance. Nobody cares.
  • Writing: Two reviews to finish by Tuesday. I’ve barely started.
  • Sept 7 – 11: Night of Joy. Oh yeah, and CMB Momentum! A full weekend of hanging out with music industry people, reuniting with friends (and making new ones), eating good food, listening to good music, potentially getting rained on and sweating a lot, and generally living on coffee and scraps of sleep for 3 and a half days. I. Can’t. Wait.
  • Sept 19ish: My grandma is turning 91! That means family gatherings and cooking out. That’s how Roses roll.
  • Sept 22-26: Hutchmoot! Nashville! Another coffee-driven weekend of music and learning. Excited doesn’t begin to cover it.

And now I have stayed up way too late planning the next month of my life, and just looking at that list makes me tired. I predict I’ll have to hibernate in October. But will it all be worthwhile? Oh yes…

If I seem scarce around here (like I haven’t been scarce anyway…. no posts in two weeks…), you’ll know why. During Momentum and Hutchmoot, I intend to tweet it up and hope there will at least be good blogging material after the events, but I make no promises.

And the month of insanity begins…