And so, once more, our heroine returns from the faraway lands of blogging vacation…

What? You didn’t know I left? Well hi, I did. We all need a summer break, yes? Of course. Or just an excuse to be lazy.

Actually, I realized a while back that I’ve been bored and stumped with blogging lately, or at least tend to have ideas at inappropriate times… like when I’m showering or driving or trying to accomplish things at the job that pays me. I can write whole posts in my head that sound amazing, but fizzle out the second I turn my computer on. Discovering Evernote has helped a lot, but I can’t take my iPod everywhere, and besides… thumb-typing and driving is dangerous.

I’ve also found that when I publicly whine about this problem, I get a burst of creativity. This is not a useful trait to have. :)

So, when this dilemma comes, it’s time to step back and re-evaluate.

Go to the movies. (Harry Potter 7.2 was amazing by the way.)
Read some books. (A post about summer reading coming Wednesday!)
Immerse myself in music. (several new JFH reviews on the way, but for now, here’s a teaser preview of the new Downhere record)

Oh, and I’ve gone and made another blog.

What? Yes. I claimed another corner of the internet for poetry and creativity.

I’ve always loved writing poems, playing with words, and dabbling in abstraction. Molding words and vague ideas into a little piece of art has always been a fun, therapeutic challenge when good, practical writing that communicates something becomes a chore.

While I’ve shared poetry here in the past, I realize this is not the best outlet for it. I always feel compelled to explain the disruption and force my little square, triangle, and rhombus poetry pegs into neat round holes. But at the same time, I kind of want these odd little word arrangements to find a home, even if that means letting them run wild through the Internet.

So, here is the experiment. My new blog is called WIP. It’s a home for poems, both finished an in progress, as well as whatever bits of creativity and inspiration I find that don’t quite fit the Divinest Sense mold.

Eventually, I hope for a better title… but hey, it really is a Work in Progress.

If that sounds like your thing, please come visit! There’s a full introduction here, and you can check out a few older poems that I’ve considered worthy of sharing. I hope maybe something, somewhere will resonate with you.

And if that’s not your thing, or you hate poetry, or whatever, no worries. There’s always my quasi-frequent, prosey rambling here. =)