Another edition of Around the Internets, in which I share the best and the interesting of my web travels… on a Saturday! Totally mixing it up guys, omg.

  • Actually, I was going to dedicate a whole post to the Kickstarter for Womanthology a wonderful project my artist sister Sherri is going to be part of…. but they’re funded and beyond! Woot! This is a massive anthology showcasing the work of female comic artists, from the never-before-published to seasoned pros. This will be a chance for many artists and writers to get published for the very first time, and all the proceeds from this book will go to charity, helping even more people!

    Over 140 women will be represented, and Sherri’s one of them. I’m proud to support this, and if it sounds like something you dig, please consider supporting them too. Even though the goal has been met, more funds will help them print more books and do more exciting things. :)

    Here’s a video with more about Womanthology

  • Speaking of Sherri’s art, have you been to her blog yet? If not, go visit! Then check out her new venture, Sherri Draws Ponies, where she draws… um… My Little Ponies.
  • “Why ponies?” you ask? Because she is hopelessly addicted to this show. And she may have me hooked too. If you got 22 minutes to spare, brace yourself for the adorable awesomeness and watch Part 1 of the pilot below. Why do we love it? Why do college-aged GUYS love it? Ask Mr. Owl, I guess….
  • So I’ve developed a weird fascination with Owl City lately. Fear not… I haven’t reached crazy fangirl status, but I got a review copy of his new record, saw him closing for Mat Kearney at House of Blues, and started reading his blog. He’s a quirky dude making interesting music that makes me happy. He also re-posted a blog by Carl King called “10 Myths About Introverts” that I found really interesting. Hi, I’m an introvert, and it’s nice to be explained like this. (One of my first posts at DivSense was about introversion… perhaps I should explore this topic again soon.)
  • Okay, raise your hand if you’ve made a list of qualities you hope for in a future spouse. (Probably not the best way to start this, because I haven’t. Even when I was 16 and Rebecca St. James said it was cool. I didn’t wear a promise ring either.) Apparently, a lot of people have, and Donald Miller said it’s an awesome idea, and some people got annoyed with that. Does list-making limit God? Is finding a lifetime love and friendship like shopping for a car? Here’s a recap of the discussion and another perspective from Relevant Magazine asking “Should You Have a List?”
  • Fact: you might follow too many Nashville people on Twitter when you feel like everyone is at an event or fighting off mutant cicadas but you. I was super jealous of my friends who got to see U2 at their first Nashville show in 30 years, but happy that they were experiencing the amazing 360 Tour experience I had in October 2009. Stephen Lamb shared a wonderful tribute at The Rabbit Room, well worth reading if you’ve ever experienced the magic that is U2. Even if you don’t read the whole post, be sure to watch the video at the end.
  • Finally, new Hutchmoot details revealed! I’m super happy to find out that the official album release show for Jason Gray’s A Way to See in the Dark will be Friday, September 23rd… like U2, he will be in Nashville, and this time I GET TO BE THERE! And not only that, I’ll get to meet my Twitter/blog friend Emily. Stoked. This show will be open to the general public as well as Hutchmoot attendees, so if you’re missing the ‘Moot but within reasonable travel distance of Nash, come! It’ll be fun.

Read/watch/listen to anything interesting this week?