Things have been busy lately. So busy that in the midst of it all, I fear I haven’t been keeping up with the goings-on around the web too well. Like, I’m actually so busy at work, I can’t sneak blog reading in between tasks. Can you believe it? :)

But! I took a little time to poke around Google Reader and Twitter to find some stuff for you. If you’re up late, check out these various blog posts and things.

  • Firstly, something new to listen to while you go gallivanting* around the internet. My rockstar friend** Jason has a new album coming out in September (yay!), and the first single releases this Tuesday at your favorite online musicmonger.*** Here’s an early preview of “Remind Me Who I Am.” Props to whoever came up with this different take on the same ol’ lyric video. Stop motion FTW!
  • I’m a fan of the Instagram app. So much, that I want to trade my iPod for a legit iPhone just so I can use it everywhere instead of only in wi-fi places. Kristin at Halfway to Normal wrote a lovely post about “Seeing Stories” and how images impact our words. Plus, she’s got some lovely photos!
  • You know the kind of advice that’s really good, but you don’t want to hear it or heed it? That’s what I got from Janna Barber’s words on “Cultivating Discipline” at The Rabbit Room this week. “Having one book tucked under your belt does not necessarily mean you feel equal to the task of writing another. It’s no accident that I used the word “task” just now, because that’s what writing a book is. No matter the romantic notions I have regarding my name on a spine, writing is work, and this work requires discipline.”

  • And given my not-writing angst earlier this week, I guess I’m attracted to that sort of kick-in-the-pants writing advice lately. I could really relate to Jamie the Very Worst Missionary’s talk about “Trying Too Hard.” (PS: That’s a totally rad blog name, especially after you’ve spent some time reading her stuff.)
  • Also totally rad: today’s design from Shirt.Woot. Harry vs. Gandalf: Who would win? It’s one of those important nerd questions I never thought to ask.
  • Finally, this may be the best advice I’ve received all week. Can’t argue with Batman. (thanks Sherri!)

  • Oh yeah, and I kind of have a new review at JFH. (I did get some writing done!) Check out this extremely belated review of Derek Webb’s Feedback.

Read, watched, or listened to anything interesting this week? Got a random picture that made you laugh? Or have something of your own you want to plug? Let’s hear it!

* Yes, gallivanting. Always wanted to use that in a blog post.
** I’m not sure if he’d be okay with this title or not, but he’s the closest thing I got to a rockstar friend.
*** Also, I make up pseudo-words. Can we get this in the dictionary?