Squirrelphoto © 2005 Alexander Konovalenko | more info (via: Wylio)Last weekend, the most important things I accomplished may have been a pile of laundry and finishing the last hundred pages of Fiddler’s Green. Saturday morning, wide awake even without an alarm clock, I made myself a cup of coffee, collapsed at the kitchen table, and plunged in. A few hours later, I turned the last page and realized it was nearing lunchtime and I still needed a shower.

It was the first time in far too long that I let time escape like that, and slowed my reading to a crawl only because I didn’t want it to end.

I will write a review of this soon: a proper one. Truth be told, I have lots of scattered documents, fragments and titles and a list of things to write. I’m feeling rather guilty about the lack of writing… I have so many ideas and well-intended goals.

But lately, words don’t seem to come. Words just hover in the dark caves, under dirt, behind rocks. They poke their heads out when I find myself at something else — in the shower, on the commute, at the office when I’m supposed to do other things — but when I make a grab at them or simply try to coax them out of hiding, they scamper off, scared little squirrely-words, afraid to be caged on paper and poked with my editing pen.

So I wait. And I try. And I’ll read about creativity and listen to songs and ponder the point of it all. Feed the gnome. I believe that’s a Stephen King-ism I heard somewhere else. (his book On Writing is the source, I think, but it’s still waiting somewhere in my to-read pile.)

A few things of note, only tangentially related:

  • Last week, I got an email inviting me to the Hutchmoot 2011 Facebook group, and I had a minor freakout. It is officially 3 months away. Three months to Nashville and meeting new friends and a fabulous weekend of nerdery. I’m scared and thrilled.
  • I still need a hotel, a car, and a plane ticket.
  • This is two weeks after Momentum, another fabulous weekend of nerdery, but the radio kind. September will be awesome and could possibly kill me.
  • I have a long overdue review that needs editing, a couple more pieces for JFH to stitch together, and a couple more writing opportunities I’m super excited about.
  • Ergo: Sluggish writing couldn’t come at a worse time. :)

Please bear with me if this sort of self-indulgent blogwhining continues. It’s not so much self-berating for lack of writing as it is… I don’t know, fumbling my way out of a dark tunnel once again. Sometimes, this is how you do it.

Also, today I came across a blog post about the value of rest in the creative process. Um, ouch. And oddly reassuring. Something worth reading and thinking about.