After an absurdly busy, full, yet really, good weekend, there are a few things that made getting up on Monday more okay.

  1. Coffee and oatmeal. Starbucks, adding oatmeal to your menu was a genius idea.
  2. Coming to a creative, inviting workplace. With air conditioning. It’s 96° out there. Eww.
  3. There’s always music playing in here. Yes, radio stations absolutely play the same songs over and over. But it’s comforting, like coming home.
  4. Also, jeans and plaid Chucks are absolutely acceptable dress code.
  5. Today we celebrated Office Manager Judy’s birthday with Mexican food! Anyone who thinks accounting and HR people are boring hasn’t met Judy. She’s super rad. (As are pretty much all of my co-workers.)

Remembering these things helps when I don’t want to get up early and face traffic (oh, and is continuing to help while I get through some technical difficulties at the moment :)). I am grateful.

There. Monday self-pep talk. What are you thankful for this Monday?