Has it really been three weeks since I did a Five Minute Friday? Wow, so wrong. I do believe now is a good time to start back up again.

For those who maybe missed it three weeks ago, here’s the deal. Five Minute Friday is a chance to take five minutes to pick up a topic chosen by The Gypsy Mama and run with it. No editing. No second-guessing. Just unbridled words for the sake of writing. Stop by her blog and join the fun!

This week’s prompt: Backwards


We are the citizens of a backwards kingdom.

This far away country of paradox and in between, already and not yet, past and future and all in between. Where the higher the ladder reaches, the further down it ends. Where the last and least are escorted to the front of the line. Where all the lost keys and loose change and wandering sheep and shame-faced prodigals return. Where the law is an embrace for an eye, and enemies can lay their weapons down.

All too often, I forget the law of that kingdom. I know it in my head, and I remember the words of the rebel Jesus. I’d like to be like him on my best days. I want to turn and run on my worst.

This kingdom isn’t so far away, but here, in the hearts of his beloved.


The preceding stream-of-consciousness rant sounded way better when I wrote it in my head this morning. Oh well. Thinking about paradox a lot lately…