So it’s late, but I really enjoyed doing the link dump last week and thought I’d spread some more link love around. From my Reader feeds and Twitter faves…

  • A Twitter conversation led to a trifecta of posts on community vs. isolation in the writing life from three blogs I dig. Check out “Community or Isolation” by Jennifer Luitweiler, “Living Stories, Writing Alone” by Kristin Tennant, and “Why I Am a Hermit” by Shawn Smucker. I confess to being a little nerdy about personality types, so their three perspectives are interesting to me.
  • On a similar note, Mrs. Metaphor wrote “All Together, All Alone,” a lovely post about embracing what makes us different while remembering we’re not alone. “It’s tempting for me to launch into how different I feel from the world, the mall, the workplace or the soccer field but I recognize even as I type it how arrogant that sounds… The real truth is that we’re all the white iris in a field of purple, we’re all that yellow tulip in a sea of color, at one time or another. We can’t stop there though, we can’t stop at knowing that we’re different at times, that what accents our loneliness IS that we are not alone.” Quite timely and wise.
  • Ah, the “bad Christian art” discussion. This piece from Image Journal gave me lots to think about. Is “clean” really a good thing? “I’m convinced that bad art derives, like bad literary theory, from bad theology. To know God falsely is to write and paint and sculpt and cook and dance Him falsely. Perhaps it’s not poor artistic skill that yields bad Christian art, in other words, but poor Christianity.”
  • I wish I were a film buff. I want to be able to claim I like good movies, but more often than not, my answer to “Have you seen…” is “No.” Anyway, summer blockbuster season is here, and Manolha Dargis and A.O. Scott at the NY Times present a “defense of the slow and boring,” which explores the question of why people are so resistant to elevating movies to high art. I dig superheroes too, but this article sort of makes me want to rent some slow, artsy films.
  • Also, this random article I found on Twitter about the disappearance of libraries across America just breaks my heart. I love my library (even if it is full of kids playing computer games instead of reading… oh man, that makes me sound old and cranky) and would hate to see it go. If you haven’t been to your library in a while, go check out a book and high five a librarian.
  • On a geekier note (yes there are things geekier than loving the library. though maybe this is only slightly geekier…), check out the new website for Womanthology, a comic collaboration of women writers and artists for charity. My super rad sister Sherri Rose is on the creator list! It’s still in the early grassroots stages, but it sounds like a really cool project. Geek girls represent!

Read anything interesting this week, or have a favorite post from your own blog to share? What are your thoughts on “Christian art”? Got any smart/artsy movie recommendations for me? Is “Around the Internets” a stupid name for this series? (and if it is, got any better ideas?)