So at some point, this blog got way too serious for its own good. That kind of annoys me. Maybe I’m just in a serious place right now, pondering serious things, but I miss writing the random, lighthearted life stuff that nobody really wants to read.

Honestly, after my Restore Unity post, I’ve been feeling a bit drained… so let’s just have a random Monday brain dump, shall we? Feel free to ignore the following 10 things… (but at least make note of 2, 4, and 6)

1) What do you talk about when you have nothing interesting to talk about? The weather! It was surprisingly cool this morning. Considering it’s already feeling like brutal humid summerland here, I’m rejoicing in rolled-down windows.

2) Got The Monster in the Hollows in the mail this weekend. Huzzah! I’m itching to start it, but I really wanted to re-read North! Or be Eaten first. After I finish The Hobbit. And a book I borrowed from a friend. And….

3) Sometimes I wish I could take a few weeks off, hole up in a cabin somewhere with my To Read pile, and finish them all. If only…

4) Bright Eyes. I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning. The soundtrack to my morning drive today. So good and often sad, I nearly cried a few times, but mostly just enjoyed the wonderful writing and wondered how Conor Oberst does it. This is my first introduction to his music. And um…. why haven’t I listened to him sooner?

5) I used “wonderful” and “wondered” in the same sentence. I will never write like Conor Oberst.

6) I am also delighted that Burlap to Cashmere is back and jealous of Twitter friends that saw them in concert this past weekend. Look here for a new song, “Love Reclaims the Atmosphere.” (love the title!)

7) Seriously guys, if you’re reading, I’m really curious if you have any suggestions for this little corner of the web. What would you be interested in reading about? I feel like I’m in a blogging slump and would be grateful for your ideas.

8) Entertaining the idea of moving to WordPress too. Thoughts on that?

9) I’m sleepy. I have nothing left to type here. I could be responsible and work on traffic school (oh ho! There’s a story….) because I know that would put me to sleep, but I won’t. I’m going to make some tea, read about hobbits, and go to bed.

10) This will most likely look really dumb in the morning. :) Good night, world.