I wondered what sort of prompt we’d have for Five Minute Friday this week… what can you say about Good Friday in such a short time? Are there even any words for a day like this?

Let’s find out. Five Minute Friday is a blogging experiment hosted by The Gypsy Mama to see what happens when we let our words fly, five minutes without over-thinking, unedited and pure. Today’s topic: The Hard Love. (check out some of the other wonderful entries here and contribute your own!)


Knowing how the story ends changes everything.

Like Good Friday. This is a day that we celebrate now. We can look back at this day and say it was very good… because it meant sin and death being paid for, because it meant resurrection would come. And a veil was split between heaven and earth and a stone would roll away and all could be made new.

But I forget sometimes that 2000 years ago, it was a dark, terrible day. Can you imagine? Can you imagine the disciples and the people who loved Jesus watching in horror as their hope, their friend was brutally tortured and killed, innocent of every crime except upsetting the status quo and turning everything they imagined a Messiah to be upside down? Can you imagine hiding away, knowing your life was now on the line?

Perhaps, then, on that day, it didn’t look like love and hope at all.

I forget this sometimes. I also forget that this is a story. A beautiful, epic, heroic love story about God coming to earth to reverse his beloved’s self made curse, Hosea buying back a wife who’d sold herself into slavery, a prodigal trudging up the driveway and his father meeting him there.


Five minutes isn’t enough to tell this story and all the twists and emotions that go with it. You can’t have a story without conflict, and the greatest tales of love won’t happen without great sacrifice.

But this is the greatest because it’s true, because it’s more than we could have ever imagined, and because in spite of all our analyzing, debating, and fumbling attempts to live in light of this truth, love beats at the core… a love stronger than the power of death.

And knowing how it ends, today is a very good Friday indeed…


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