In today’s episode of, “Jen must be out of her mind…”

I signed up for this.

I don’t recall if I talked about it here, but a few months ago, Sherri and I were creative partners in crime for a little submission to The Sketchbook Project. It was hard and stressful and tons of creative fun, though I confess she did most the work.

Recently, she e-mailed me and told me they were firing up a new project for writers. And it was late, and I was tired and muddling through an emo-blocked-writer funk, so I plopped down the entry fee and signed up.


Yes, blocked as I am, I’m hoping this could jumpstart something… spark an idea that will get me back into some sort of creative groove. At this point, I’m planning to turn my little book into an illustrated and handwritten poetry chapbook, since pulling together a small poetry collection was one of my goals and hopes for the new year anyway.

My book arrived today. The theme is “Things that changed other things,” which is cryptic and vague and open-ended enough to not feel suffocating. It’s exciting, honestly. I can’t wait to see where the power of deadlines takes me. (especially considering I only have a few weeks to get it done and sent on its magical journey to Brooklyn. Ahh!) Hoping to share some pages with you soon as I go.

Again, Jen must be out of her mind.


In the meantime, I’m working on a playlist to get me inspired, because art begets art, and making a soundtrack always helps me with writing projects. (or helps me procrastinate.) So a question for you kind folks…

What are some of your favorite songs about change?
Any genre will do. I’d love your suggestions!