It’s Friday! (Friday!) And time for another round of Five Minute Friday (fun fun fun fun… sorry.)

Anyway. Let’s get straight to it, shall we? Five minutes, unhindered, unedited, on a topic provided by The Gypsy Mama. Click on over to check out some other wonderful posts and contribute one of your own!

Today’s topic: “If You Met Me…”


It’s hard to imagine what would happen if you met me. I’m around myself all the time, and sometimes in my crazier moments, I wonder what it’s like to meet me. (that probably means I’m way too neurotic and self-conscious for my own good, but whatever.)

If you met me, you might pick up on my quietness… somebody would have to introduce you to me probably, because I tend to wander around on the fringe. Not that I don’t like to meet people… I love it! I’m trying to be better at taking initiative. But look me in the eye and say hello. It helps.

If you met me, I hope you would like me. I hope you would think me at least nice, but who doesn’t hope for that? Maybe we could find some common ground (books and music always work) or get to some of the interesting quirks that make us who we are, maybe share a laugh over coffee. I hope when you leave, you’d feel changed, worthy, loved. I’ve met people like that, and it’s my deepest desire to be that way myself. I don’t always hit the mark, but maybe if you met me, you’d see that I’m trying.

Mostly, I hope if you met me, you’d see someone alive with the hope that keeps her going, a faith that falters along but never fails all the way, the love that brought me to life. I hope you’d see Jesus, or at least someone who’s been trying to follow his way.

That might sound cliche, but it’s true.


I should also add that it’s fun to meet people that I’ve already “met” on Twitter and around blog land. Sort of a jump start on the finding of common ground part.

Now go write for 5 minutes! Happy Weekend.