Well, hello. It’s Friday again. This time last week, I couldn’t even spare five minutes to write since I was staying up late baking tons of cupcakes for a family gathering… and then that was the story for the rest of the week, a very busy, full, but ultimately wonderful one. So I guess you could say I took an unplanned spring break from blogging!

So I’m tired and a little brain-dead, and I have a couple of reviews to focus on this weekend. Still, I do believe I can squeeze out five minutes of rambling. It might even be vital to clear my mind right now. Time for another Five Minute Friday! Taking a cue from The Gypsy Mama and granting myself five minutes to simply write, without over-thinking or editing or saving drafts to tweak for days before you see them. This week’s prompt is “A Few of My Favorite Things…”

Here we go!


I feel like I should say something really sweet and profound when I talk about my favorite things. Something deep… like family, or my faith, or grace and redemption like only God can give.

But right now, I just keep thinking of some of those shallow things that simply make me happy. Like tonight, after work, I got my hair cut. Which really is one of my favorite things, simply because I love the way it feels lighter and the way it smells and how relaxed I am at the end.

I walked a couple blocks over from the salon and met my sister at a coffee shop in downtown Mt Dora where she was working on art. I climbed a flight of stairs to get there, greeted by the sounds of a guitar player, just standing in a corner singing a Simon and Garfunkel song to anyone who would listen. The smell of coffee (even though I couldn’t have it. oh well.) was simply inviting, warming, giving me the sense of total peace in the cool night air that’s uncharacteristic of a Friday night downtown.

There are other things… like rain and wind. Like the particular blue-green color of the Gulf of Mexico at mid-day. Like walking the beach and watching seagulls swoop across the sky. Live music. Getting lost in a book. Words and poetry.

And friends. And family. And conversations that go far too long over coffee, music, a walk on the beach.

My favorite things might not be so shallow after all.


Confession: I edited a little because my inner critic/nerd couldn’t handle some of my sentence structure. But the content is still the same. Promise. :)

What are a few of your favorite things?