It’s Friday again! Time for another round of Five Minute Friday, in which we write unhindered and uncensored for five minutes on any topic presented by The Gypsy Mama. This week’s prompt: “Waiting.” This one is feeling kind of tough tonight, so I’m going to just start and see what happens.

And… go!


Somewhere along the way, I forgot how to wait.

Maybe we all did. We, in our interconnected, always plugged-in world, forgot what it was like to wait by the phone for calls that may or may not come. We forgot how to wait for the time and care to prepare a meal. We forgot the waiting of a long drive, a long walk, an hour or few lost in a book.

But somewhere I know for sure that I, personally, forgot the deep, prolonged sense of waiting. Anticipation.

I wish I could think of a less-cliche way to say it, but time really does seem to fly. And I recognize the impatience, the hectic, top-speed life that tosses a thought onto Twitter and watches it slip through a steady stream of other thoughts. It’s exhilarating, I admit. It’s a blessing too, when people you love are no longer so many miles away, close as a quick check on the computer. I love that I can shoot a random thought to someone in another state, just to say “I’m thinking about you,” and perhaps hear back just as quickly.

But sometimes… I really miss being able to just calm down and think things out. Sometimes I miss the more contemplative, slower mode of life.

But is it possible to miss something you never quite had?


Huh. That was unnecessarily melancholy. Psychoanalyze all you want. :)

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