It’s still Friday. Though it’s late in coming, here’s my second venture into the Five Minute Friday exercise hosted by The Gypsy Mama. Today’s prompt is “I feel the most loved when…”

Five minutes, unedited*, off the cuff writing flow… on a rather weighty topic. Where do I even start?

*mostly unedited. I can’t dare leave some of my typos! :)


I listen to the radio all day, even load the little minute feature programs. You’d think I’d heard these things all before. But today, I caught that delightfully deep and kind voice from Steve Brown saying, “He named you, so he won’t destroy you.” Almost brought tears to my eyes, sitting at my desk, because I knew it was true.

I love words. It was no surprise to me when I took the love language test and learned that I was a Words of Affiermation girl. I believe things, know things… but that doesn’t make being told any less meaningful. When I’m told I’m loved, worthy, named. When I’m reminded I matter.

So perhaps, now that I think about it, I suppose I’m most loved when I hear my name and know I’ve been remembeed. I don’t expect people to remember me, or even really think about me that much, even though I believe that every person matters, and is worth being known. Even though I don’t always act like it. In my little introverted way, I expect to retreat in the background and watch, anonymous. Sometimes, I even like it that way.

But I feel loved when I feel remembered. I feel loved when I hear someone say they’ve been thinking of me, or that they heard a story or saw a random sight that reminded them of me. Hey, I feel loved when someone does something as simple as recommend a book.

Because in that moment, I feel known.


I suppose as an addendum, I should add that I bring up the “He named you” quote, because I caught it just as I was considering this prompt, wondering what made me feel loved. And in that brief, half-noticed statement that I feel like I’ve heard a hundred times, I knew the answer. I believe I attempted to explain it, but there is so much more to tell. (And unlike last week, I totally ran out of time!)

Thanks for reading my ramble. :) Check out Five Minute Fridays, and join the fun!