I don’t like to make leaps. I deliberate, ponder, wrestle out the possibilities, and worry. Oh, I worry. Mostly about details and things I can’t control and the stuff that could potentially go wrong.

But sometimes, you have to make the leap and worry about the details later. Sometimes you just have to take an opportunity and run with it.

Today, the good folks at The Rabbit Room announced their second annual Hutchmoot conference. September 22 – 25, Nashville, TN. I only deliberated a little while before I clicked “Register,” and only second-guessed and stressed for seconds before clicking “Checkout.”

See, last year, I wanted to go SO badly. I longed to be there because, as I’ve said multiple times here, this little web community has come to mean a lot to me in the past couple years. I still feel like a lurker, but at least I’ve started chiming in on conversations more often, and I’m pretty sure if we all got together I’d feel like I belong. But I just couldn’t commit, and the thing sold out, and I had a crazy chance to go anyway but declined, and then I had major car issues the week of the ‘Moot that cost a good chunk of savings that wouldn’t have existed if I’d spent it on a trip… so it goes…

Still sucked to miss it though. I vowed I wouldn’t do that again this year. Good thing too… Hutchmoot 2011 sold out within 5 hours of the announcement. Amazing! And I am among them.

So… yup. I’m going to Nashville this fall! I don’t know where I’ll stay or what to expect, but having my name on the list makes it feel a little more real somehow.

And now the real travel planning fun begins. Flight, hotel, car, and all that stuff in between. Ahh!