Sick days mean sleeping way too late, and sitting around in your pajamas until 1pm just because you can and nobody will judge you.

They’re uninterrupted reading time (preparing for Buechner Week with My Friend Amy… but more on that soon!), and even a nap in just because. And eating at weird times, and dusting off the journal, and finally filling in some pages in the awesome Music Listography book you got for your birthday months ago but haven’t seemed to make the time to think about. (the “music from your high school years” page is almost full and a blog post unto itself.)

Hot tea is important. So are frozen dinners. And a shower in the middle of the day and finally putting on normal clothes even if you have no intentions on going out does wonders to make you feel human again.

But mostly… it’s a relief to finally have a day to just be sick enough to shut down and give myself the rest that I’ve been needing for a while. Been feeling “off” lately, and it was nice to just claim a day to rest, reflect, and get back on track. (Including picking up my Photo-a-Day project again.)

All good things aside though… one day is enough. I’ll have cabin fever for sure if I have to do it tomorrow. :)


Okay, in interesting sick day reading material… stumbled on this article through @bookbench on Twitter. What Happens in Vagueness Stays in Vagueness. Some interesting thoughts on the evolution of language toward, like, vagueness and stuff. I realized in reading this how guilty I am of the Vagueness (like, umm, you know, right?) in my own writing and speaking, and it made me want to work on that. What do you think of this “linguistic virus”?