Apologies to those I traumatized with yesterday’s confessional post. Your comments cracked me up, and I appreciate the concern for my sudden lapse in musical judgment. You’re good friends. :) (If it makes you feel better, after a couple listens half of the songs ended up jettisoned from my iPod due to “meh” or general ickiness. But I did get my 3 bucks worth.)

As penance, I found something free and actually good that I will gladly share with you. I have heard so much praise for Over the Rhine for years, so why am I just now actually listening to them? Beautiful.

And then… The Civil Wars. Dude, how about that indie duo that popped out of nowhere and dominated iTunes for the whole street week? It’s incredibly satisfying to see something beautiful arrive and have a strong presence for so long… even if it did get bumped out of iTunes’ Top 10 by three Justin Bieber things a week later. (sadness. there goes my hope for music and humanity.)

“The Laugh of Recognition” and “Poison and Wine” are both free on Amazon right now. Download and enjoy.