It occurred to me that in the midst of this awesomely long yet busy weekend, I never wrote a Thanksgiving post. And that is sad. I have so much to be thankful for.

So, in the spirit of the giving of gratitudes…

  1. A lovely Thanksgiving with my family in South Florida… Grandma’s cornbread dressing, pumpkin cream cheese pie… oh yes.
  2. My cupcakes turned out okay. Frosting was successful. I want to make more stuff with my awesome new candy thermometer.
  3. A beautiful post-turkey walk on a peaceful beach. (see photo :)) Funny how you can walk forever and hardly notice the passing of time or get tired. Heavenly.
  4. Sleeping really late on Black Friday. (Totally counter-cultural, right?)
  5. Fun time last night with friends at a Needtobreathe show. Second row, favorite venue. I was feeling kind of sad and tired yesterday, but the music chased my blues away. They were amazing as always. Oh, and they played some new songs too.
  6. Doing it all again on Thursday. Switchfoot at House of Blues! Maybe 4 and 5 should be filed under live music in general.
  7. The creative adventure Sherri and I are about to embark on with The Sketchbook Project. Already developing ideas for our little art piece. I haven’t done much art to speak of in a really long time, so this is especially exciting to me.
  8. Continuously awesome weather.
  9. First Sunday of Advent… The mystery and the joy surrounding the Christmas season
  10. My friends that accomplished (or are in the process of accomplishing) NaNoWriMo… and the fact that I do not feel guilty at all for dropping out.

This is only the surface of the many things I could be grateful for… there is just so much. But right now I’m tired and fuzzy and will leave it at this.

End of ramble. Share your gratitudes as well, if you feel inclined. :)