The Blank Pagephoto © 2010 Kazi Hirok Al-Arafat | more info (via: Wylio)I once heard a sage piece of writing advice that went something like this…

If a blank page makes you paralyzed, then mark it. Anything. If it’s a word or a scribble or a doodle or whatever… just show it who’s boss.

This is the digital equivalent of bossing my blank pages around.

November has been a wild, ridiculous, busy busy month. I broke up with my NaNoWriMo novel days ago, because with a heavier work load, too full weekends, and no amazing story idea I could get passionate about, I knew I didn’t need to add that pressure to myself. (it’s not you, dear novel, it’s me.)

And that whole sentence looks so whiny and self-indulgent now. bleh.

my name got mentioned in a CNN blog today. No big deal.

Okay, it is a big deal to me. Huge. C-N-freakin-N!

Slightly bummed that it’s because it was an article about Chris Tomlin’s new CD that referenced my “mixed review” on JFH… but eh, what can you do? A writer friend tweeted the link to me earlier today, and I literally felt the blood drain from my face when I read it. So weird.

I’ll never get used to people taking the words I string together seriously… or strangers calling me tone deaf for that matter. :)

It does set some ideas running through my mind… about words and opinions and how to express thoughts with care and grace, especially in the faceless land of the Interwebz. But I’m feeling too sleepy and stupid to write that post coherently, so this is what you get. (and to think I actually entertained the idea of going to a midnight show of Harry Potter tonight! Yeah, right.)

For now, I’m showing the page who’s boss so I can move forward. I have lots to talk about, and soon.

So, how’s your November? :)