I packed some really awesome leftovers for lunch today. Like really awesome. It was ravioli with spinach and mushrooms and pesto made with love by my mom. And there was just enough left for me.

And so I’m, like, walking down the hall with the prized lunch in my hands fresh from the microwave
and I dropped it.

In front of the boss’ office. Pasta and green beans everywhere.
It was awesome.
There were no tears or expletives involved, thankfully, but man, I didn’t want to spend money on lunch today when there were perfectly good leftovers.

But life is full of little graces, because…

1) I (begrudgingly) went to my super friendly Chinese place and discovered the standby usual favorite meal was the daily special, so lunch was kind of cheap.
2) I arrived back at the office just in time to catch Sunday Happiness*7’s theme song on the radio for the very first time. (just added this week! *plugplug*)

And tomorrow I will have lunch outside the building with my dear friend Lindsay and we will catch up and eat Mexican food and have a blast. I can’t wait.

I will, however, hold my tacos extra tightly.

Happy Monday and stuff.