Not so long ago, I realized that with the end of yet another year approaching (crazy fast, I’d say), it’ll be time to put some very important things in order. You know, reflecting, making some major decisions for a project of critical importance.

That’s right. Every music reviewer’s required…
Top Ten of the Year List.

Oh dear.

I confess, last year I agonized at the last minute over building my JFH Staff Picks of 2009, and I’m still not super thrilled with what I came up with. In retrospect, I see a real challenge not in naming my favorites, but in ranking them, and I think if I could remake this list a year later, it would look somewhat different.

But that was 2009. This is 2010. And High Queen Procrastinate is going to get started now. =)

So, I’m spending the next few weeks re-visiting some favorites of the year gone by, and I have a question for you…

What were some of your favorite albums and/or songs of 2010 so far?

I can’t possibly listen to everything, so it’s totally likely there’s something I missed that I would love if I gave it a chance. Recommend me some stuff. I know you guys have awesome taste. ;)

Also, even though the JFH list I’m making is Christian music exclusive, I’d like to know your favorites from any genre. I plan to make an all-encompassing list of my own here by year’s end, and maybe point out some honorable mentions that don’t make the final cut but still have a place in my heart.

It’ll be fun. And we might all discover something in the process.

This should keep Music Monday busy for the rest of the year.

Photo Credit: “Music is My Religion” by [nati]