Good stuff. Huzzah.

  1. Jason Gray’s video “I Am New” premiered this week, and it turned out pretty sweet. Also featuring the artistry of Evie Coates. Bonus! This song means so much more to me now.
    Edit: It’s now all YouTube’d and stuff, so… here it is. For those who don’t feel like clicking elsewhere. Thanks Centricity. :)
  2. He also wrote an accompanying blog post at The Rabbit Room that made me think way too much, as his writing is prone to do. Pondering image and identity this week.
  3. Adjusting to my newly fall-colorful hair. I feel like an autumn tree, but I kind of dig it.
  4. Purple eyeshadow. (It’s girly. Whatever. I’ve really been liking it this week. Especially this stuff. the bomb.)
  5. Good times working the Z booth at the Southern Women’s Show last Thursday. Annnnnd my mom’s GPS for (eventually) getting me out of the Convention Center parking lot and finding me some Chick-fil-A.
  6. Again, cooler weather! *heart*
  7. Making plans to see Andrew Peterson in November with some wonderful friends. The day after Anberlin. In the middle of Fundraiser week. Out of my mind? Perhaps. But it’s gonna be one epic weekend. =)
  8. Listening to “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” right now. The Bends never gets old to me.
  9. Downtime this afternoon to relax outside with poetry and coffee.
  10. “Love is its own rescue; for we, at our supremest, are but its trembling emblems.” ~ Emily Dickinson