Music that helped me survive this week:

Shake some of the Vegas glitter off the The Killers, mix in some alt-country and gospel and sad songs. “Mr. Brightside” this is not. The more I listen, the more I like it. Plus, the music video has ninjas.

Jazzy, poppy, piano-y goodness. Thank you Rabbit Room for the sale this week! The talent of your artists astounds me. And isn’t that a super-cool cover?

On Wednesday, feeling tired and stressed, I sacrificed my lunch break for a walk in the park. This was my soundtrack. Only discovered it about a month ago (I know, late to the party.) Oh, Sufjan, where have you been all my life? New record out soon. Pumped.

Last minute music review homework. I love Bebo so much, but the last album left me wanting, so I was skeptical and hopeful about this one. But this… well… you can read my review on Monday and find out for yourself!