Hooray! I’m slacking on blogging again! Still processing the last two crazy, wonderful, exhausting weeks, but here’s another edition of 10 things…

  1. Opportunities to re-connect and spend time with so many wonderful friends and family these past two weeks.
  2. Being even a small part of One Homeless Night last Friday, and the beautiful things OURM is doing in Orlando.
  3. Almost getting lost downtown with new friends just because we wanted Starbucks. Minnesota + South Florida + Scared of Downtown (that’s me) + GPS and blocked roads + confusing parking garages = epic adventure. =)
  4. My grandma is 90 today! So grateful to spend time with her yesterday…
  5. Discovering Engaging Life is full of geeks and nerds. *nerdpower*
  6. The mystery of communion… all kinds.
  7. My shiny new iPod Touch. Shallow and materialistic? Yeah, but whatever. Having Internet and Robot Unicorn Attack in my pocket is awesome.
  8. I pwned my sister at Wii ping pong last night. *victory fist* *also shallow*
  9. Contemplating dusting off my guitar again…
  10. De-creation. I was thinking about this quote today. In some ways, I think I can relate:

“God would consume her. God would de-create her and she was too small and tame to resist. That’s why she was resisting now. Because think about it. Because once you believe such a thing, God is, then how can you escape, how survive the power of it, is and was and ever shall be.” ~ Don DeLillo, Falling Man

What are you thankful for as this new week begins?