Starting the week with happy things…

1) My fourth Sunday at Engaging Life. It’s starting to feel like home. (As my sister says, it’s official when the pastor is following you on Twitter. :))
2) Rainy + overcast +breezy = hints of fall in the air!
3) Driving with the windows down
4) New Brooke Fraser song! Kind of different, but it’s impossible to listen without feeling happy.

5) Made chocolate chip brownies from scratch for the first time…
6) …from random unsweetened chocolate I found in the back of the cabinet! Just a day past the expiration date, but still good.
7) Beautiful new blog header my sister made for me
8) Two weeks until Night of Joy/Momentum 2010!
9) The “recharged” feeling after the weekend.
10) Possibilities.

Happy new week!

Photo by D Sharon Pruitt / Pink Sherbet Photography