School started back in Central Florida this week. In the midst of frantic Target shoppers raiding the school supplies, kids lining up to catch the bus in front of the apartment buildings on my street, doing a little happy dance in my car when I saw said kids because I didn’t get stuck waiting for them to finish loading the bus, and a whole bunch of back to school posts in my Twitter feed from college, high school, and mom friends alike, it’s kind of hard not to notice.

I know a lot of people who are experiencing something different this year. Moms sending their kids to new schools, whether kindergarten or college. College friends moving on, whether to a new state or a new campus.

Even though I’m not buying notebooks and triple-checking class schedules anymore, I do love this time of year. Fall is on the way, new things are starting, new lessons to be learned. (Well, that and I’ve always been a sucker for school supplies. Notebooks and pens…. oooooh….)

This time four years ago, I was starting up my last term at UCF: Field Video Production, Radio Programming, Women in Literature, Drama as Literature. (Don’t ask me to remember my actual class schedule. I do remember Radio Wednesday nights and Drama online at least. :)) Thinking about the cap and gown. Stocking up on supplies. Telling myself I was ready to be done, but secretly knowing deep down I was going to miss it.

Four years. I really do miss it.

Here’s to those of you going back to school, whatever the year may be. Make memories. Enjoy this time while you got it. It’s true about everything in life.


On a less bittersweet note….

  • Music Monday! New review at JFH today… check out my Second Opinion review of Chris August’s debut No Far Away
  • September will be busy on the review front too. Super busy. Anberlin, Chris Sligh, and… a Christmas record. Yes. Bethlehem Skyline Vol 2 from Centricity Records. I’m actually really excited about the idea of breaking out merry tunes when fall’s barely warming up. (or cooling off. whatever.)
  • Like my snazzy new header? My super rad Photoshop guru sister made it. =) Thanks Sherri! Check out her blog to see more of her skillz. (and some !!!WEREWOLF ACTION!!! Well, okay. A werewolf. But no action.)

Photo by Avolore