I missed the past couple weeks during my “blog vacation,” BUT I haven’t forgotten about starting the week with happy things. :)

  1. Vacation! And the possibilities that come with it. A week off can be good.
  2. The smell of clean laundry.
  3. Last Tuesday’s dinner party with Sherri, Jenipher, and Gisele at The Catfish Place. Good food and good times with some wonderful, creative ladies.
  4. Kohl’s clearance racks and the great khaki capris I found there. Cheap pants win. (we won’t consider the fact that I can’t wear them until I take them back to Kohl’s tomorrow to have the security tag removed. Nope.)
  5. Newfound fanlove for Arcade Fire and Amazon Mp3 specials that got me caught up on their discography. Just in time for a new record this week. So good. This song in particular gets stuck in my head frequently.
  6. New Anberlin is releasing two weeks earlyyyyyy! Sept 7th. Yay!
  7. New blog layout. Still want to make some cool graphics, but the general idea is there. It’s nice and clean and I like that.
  8. Renewed blogging inspiration, thanks to flipping through a copy of Artful Blogging magazine in Books-a-Million.
  9. Found out this week that Dave Barnes has a blog. Whether you’re into his music or not, this dude is hilarious. Every post so far has made me lol at my desk. srsly.
  10. Totoro. Uhhh… I don’t know. Sherri just randomly mentioned My Neighbor Totoro. He always makes me happy. I mean seriously, just look at him! Does this not even make you at least smile a little?

Of course it does.

For a bonus #11, I would add thankfulness that the temperamental Internet is staying up long enough for me to post this (I hope). Wow. It’s been so off and on all night.

Happy New Week!