…another unintentional vacation from the blog. Not that I meant to take one… it just kind of happens. Without so much as a “going on blogger hiatus, brb!”

I make no apologies because a couple weeks of coming home from work, not turning the computer on, and simply reading and writing on paper have been good for me. (Oh and uh… NCIS reruns. Word nerds watch TV too sometimes. :P)

I’ve pretty much spent the last week or so working on a brilliant return to the blogsosphere, but… nothing. I get little ideas that turn over in my head while I do the more mundane tasks at work or while I drive and listen to music, only to have them evaporate before I can get my laptop out of the bag.

But! I will be on vacation from my real job next week, which should mean time relax and think and maybe blog those things out a bit more. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with it… an open week is always a bit intimidating before it starts.

And I am writing… more than ever, actually. Just not here. Here are a few writing things going on as I continue to make excuses for myself:

1) I have a couple new reviews on JFH since last posting… Audrey Assad’s lovely new record The House You’re Building and The Museum’s debut Let Love Win. One is pensive, poetic singer-songwriterliness. The other is… well, a worship band.

2) Still transcribing my interview with Audrey Assad. Or…. being busy and just now really getting to it. Or maybe forgetting to transcribe it. What with writing reviews and sleeping and working and… NCIS reruns. oops.

3) Mayyyyyy have another writing gig forthcoming. Just scrapping together some loose ends. I won’t say much and jinx it, but that sort of thing excites me. :)

4) Actually getting back into fictioning… slowly. I have more to say in that regard, but it warrants its own post.

There you have it! Excuses, excuses. And now we return to our quasi-regularly scheduled blog.

Enough of that. What have you been up to? Feel free to plug your blog, writings, achievements, or whatever means most to you at the moment. :)