If I’m going to make this a weekly event, I need a name for this thing. Something witty and wonderful. With alliteration maybe. Or at least a cool logo.

Maybe next week.

A Sunday Good List for the past week! (though technically it’s Monday, because I’m up at 12:30… but whatever. It’s still Sunday night in my head. =))

1) Accidental free coffee at Target Starbucks on Wednesday! I showed up early. The register wasn’t working yet. Ashley gave me free coffee. Can’t beat that.
2) Birthdays! I love them. I don’t care if getting older goes with it.
3) Because birthdays = free stuff. Starbucks, Jeremiah’s, Qdoba, First Watch… (note the food theme)
4) Relearning cursive because I couldn’t remember how to make a capital I.
5) Interviewing Audrey Assad yesterday. Such a kind and deep person. Had a wonderful time talking with her and can’t wait for you to read it… when I get it transcribed, that is.
6) Jeff Cruz, Kat Davis, and Shannon Steele for making it happen, and Courtney Hyder for sending me helpful info to help my “question block.”
7) My “scribbles before sleep” notebook. I’ve made a goal to handwrite 1 or 2 pages of anything (and embellish it with doodles) before bed, and it makes me feel wildly creative.
8) Two new books from The Rabbit Room arriving last week. The Fiddler’s Gun and The Book of the Dun Cow. American Revolution and farm animals! Can’t wait to read them.
9) The re-opening of Tijuana Flats in Leesburg. The Rose Family Sunday Afternoon Ritual is back!
10) That some smart person figured out how to make baked potatoes in 10 microwave minutes instead of over an hour in the oven. So good.