The other night, I opened up my journal. (the pretty analog one with the flowery cover and cool magnetic flap to keep snoopers out. No lock and key though. I’m not 12.) I was a little bit surprised to see the last entry was dated April 17th! The last few scribblings were mostly Poetry Month angst, announcing to hidden pages that I had no poems left in me, that prompts were hard, and that I just wanted to spill random thoughts on a page and be done with it.

Really important stuff like that. Oh, the drama.

Cracking open a neglected journal is something like calling up an old friend you haven’t talked to in ages. Hesitant, awkward… reading one entry after another, then realizing you can pick up the conversation right where you left off without missing a beat, as if the silence never happened.

I’d like to think someday my great-grandkids will dig up my old volumes and enjoy the glimpse into my life. Either that, or think great-grandma was a psycho. Not sure which. If I think about it too long, I might want to burn them.


Anyway. So there was a burst of journaling energy, a burst of blogging energy, and then a lull on both fronts while I’ve been doing lots of reading. Reading is good for the soul, good for writing, and good for sleeping problems. :) A brief literary history for the past couple months.

Remember the library books? In the course of six weeks (first 3 + renewal) I basically read The Complete Stories (minus the last story, because by then I really needed to take them back and I was sick of the Deep South), a chapter and a half of Confessions, and the Introduction of Paradise Lost.

I exchanged them for two kids books. And put a hold on this because I was in a YA/werewolfy fluff mood, even though I’m sure deep down that it’ll turn out to be stupid.

Total book nerd fail.


I have another Viral Bloggers review to post on Friday covering an indie memoir debut, As Is by Krista Finch. After drowning in the deep end of Flannery O’Connor’s career, it was refreshing to have a quicker, gentler read. I cleared this one in a couple days. It’s a good feeling, though I probably should have taken this one slower. (but I’ll explain in my review ;))

And I just got a copy of my new blogger friend Rachel Held Evans‘ book Evolving in Monkey Town. (with a handwritten thank you note too! which totally made my day.) Check out the book trailer below…

Rachel is pretty awesome. It’s been a pleasure to get to know her in the blog world over the past few months, and I’m really excited to finally read her first book! Please visit her blog and say hello.

Your turn… what are you reading this summer?