In less than 24 hours…

  1. Noticed while driving home Tuesday night that my Check Engine and IMA lights were on. Remembered every “omg I know a guy who knows a girl who has this third cousin who had to pay 10,000 bucks to get her hybrid battery replaced so hybrids are crap!” story that I heard after buying the car. Freaked out.
  2. Nice person pulls up alongside me and honks. Points to my wheel and mouths “You have a flat tire.” Rejoiced inside, hoping my car was confused and only thought the IMA was broken.
  3. Pulled over in Jo-Ann parking lot and called Parental Rescue Unit. (Dads are awesome.) Contemplated how close I was to Twistee Treat as I waited for rescue. (Aside: I had no idea there were so many of these in Florida.)
  4. Dad changed tire and made it look super easy. Marveled at how tiny and fragile a donut tire looks. Other than menacing huge trucks tailgating, a successful (yet slow) trip home.
  5. Rise bright and early Wednesday morning to go get new tires. Honda people check the IMA light issue first and discover all that makes a hybrid awesome is dying. Remembered horror stories again and wondered how long it would take to replenish life savings after replacing this thing.
  6. After an hour making phone calls, the wonderful Honda people share the good news… that it’ll only cost $2500. Compared to the original quote of $5000, this is awesome. Oh yeah, still need tires.
  7. Tires replaced. Appointment for IMA replacement made. Rejoiced over new tires, less-expensive-than-I-thought IMA on the way, and the fact that I no longer have to sit in a waiting room reading creepy Flannery O’Connor stories and can finally go eat lunch and have a normal day.
  8. Backed into a parked car. In the Honda parking lot. Epic. Fail.